October 25, 2020

Studying in a Pandemic

Feeling stressed while balancing online school, college applications and your personal life while in a pandemic? As a senior currently applying to college, I share these struggles and want to try to help get rid of some of this stress in a fun way. 

East Lansing High School’s transition from in person to online has been a difficult one. Many students have voiced that their workload and time management have been impaired during this shift. Utilizing a quality study playlist could be beneficial. While it won’t solve these issues, it may help ELHS students when they need to be more engaged with their work in a way that doesn’t feel draining.

I’ve curated a study playlist students can stream whether you already have some things you listen to or you’re looking for something new. I picked music across genres so that students could find what worked best for them and spin off into their own best new playlist.  Hopefully this will help smooth the transition to online school in an active way.

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Student Spotlight


Photo courtesy of Zoe Cruz (10)

Q: Do you listen to music often while studying?
A:  “I do, I use [music] all the time, I’m not going to lie. I sometimes have it playing in the background when I’m in class.”




Photo courtesy of Wes Millhouse (11)

Q: Do you use music to study? If so, what genres? 

A: “ I do use music to study. Usually if I’m doing something more passive I’ll listen to alternatives like I usually do, if I need to focus more I’ll go for either jazz or softer R&B.”



Photo courtesy of Madison Gott (12)

Q: Do you find it harder to focus on school while doing it online? 

A: “ I think it’s a little harder [online school]  because there can be multiple distractions nearby when I’m home.”

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