The great EL mug auction


Photo by David Benda

Johnny Swords (11) focuses hard on carving and perfecting his artwork.

The ceramics students fill the art workshop, creating their own mugs to be sold in an upcoming fundraiser.  They mold and shape their clay, turning it into their own specialized pieces for the Foster Coffee auction.

Ceramics teacher Elise Millard organized the collaboration of ELHS students and Foster Coffee shop in downtown East Lansing to fundraise for the art department.

“We weren’t offered, they didn’t come to us and ask us if we want to do that,” said Millard. “I’m friends with the guy who owns Foster Coffee Company and we have just been talking about some kind of a partnership where we can do something, and together we came up with the idea of using East Lansing students mugs in the shop, what we could do with that, and it kind of blossomed from there.”

The sales from the mug auction will go towards funding for art supplies and for the ceramics class with new supplies, clay, and equipment. The date for the auction is to be announced. 

Students look forward to the opportunity to publicly display their art.

 “It’s (The auction) good exposure for our school and our arts program” said Kalyn Emmerson (10).

Students were generally thrilled that they could make art for people, and generate some money for the art wing of the school. 

“I’m really happy that I get to contribute to that [mugs for the auction] and I get to express myself artistically,” Johnny Swords (11) said.