A fresh start in the middle

Transfer students discuss what it is like to be in a new school


Amelia Biehl (10), a transfer student who moved to East Lansing in February from Fort Lauderdale, Florida had an easier time adjusting from 60 degree weather to 20 degree weather. This is because she has lived in up-north Michigan before moving to Florida in August because her family wanted to try something new.

Although the weather in Florida was warmer than frigid Michigan, Biehl’s family decided to move back after six months in Florida because they missed being close to the family that they have in Michigan and what was familiar to them.

Biehl entered ELHS in the middle of her sophomore year, and has received a warm welcome and an overflow of support and help.

“All the teachers that I have have been extremely helpful. They check-in with me to make sure that I’m okay and that I am adjusting well to the curriculum,” Biehl said.

Although Biehl has felt right at home in East Lansing, she has had to adjust to some things that are different from her high school in Fort Lauderdale.

“My school in Florida had an open campus,” Biehl said. “Like my hallways were outside and it was all very open-air and connected with nature.”

 Despite this change in the structure of the high school, Biehl has enjoyed the opportunity to try new things that she did not have the chance to in Florida, such as the free school lunch and new types of the classes.

“My favorite class has to be my Strength and Conditioning class because that class was not available for me to take in Florida,” Biehl said.

Gym classes seem to be a favorite among transfer students.

EJ Austin, a freshman from Flint, moved to East Lansing in February as well. He has enjoyed Gym class the most out of all of his classes because of all the sports he gets to try out. 

 “Swimming, archery, baseball- I didn’t have a chance to try these opportunities in Flint,” Austin said.

Austin is planning to try out for a school sport, he just doesn’t know which one yet due to the overwhelming amount of school sports he can try out for. He is not worried about not knowing what sport to try out for he is only a freshman because he has all four years to try out as many sports as he wants.

Biehl and Austin both agreed that they are happy to be in East Lansing and are looking forward to the rest of the school year here.

“I am happy to be back to a place that I am familiar with,” Biehl said.