The next chapter

High school students have committed to universities- we interviewed four of them to see what they are most excited for



Name: Mari Williams (12)

Sport: Soccer

School: Northwood University (MI)

Mari Williams has played soccer since she was five. She chose Northwood for their business program and is excited to work with the teachers. “I really liked the business program,” Williams said. “The professors actually work in the industry that they teach in, so that’s so cool.” She knows there will be more time spent on practices but also added support to get her to a higher level.


Name: Isaiah Smith (12)

Sport: Lacrosse

School: Otterbein University (OH) (verbal commitment)

Isaiah Smith has played lacrosse for four years. He decided Otterbein was the right option for him because of internship opportunities and the feel of the campus. He is excited for the changes from high school to college.

“The school I’m going to is going to center around the sport, rather than sports centered around school,” Smith said. “And just have a schedule set for training.”


Name: Drew Miller (11)

Sport: Golf 

School: Michigan State University (MI) (verbal commitment)

Drew Miller has played golf since he was three years old. He chose Michigan State after narrowing it down and deciding he wanted to be near his family. He made the decision as a junior because the schools look at his performance before his senior year of high school. He is excited to be part of the team and to have access to the amenities that help him improve.  

“I think [the best part] is the team aspect and being able to have a friend group that you’re playing your sport with,” Miller said. 


Name: Dorij’an Jackson (12)

Sport: Football

School: Grand Valley State University (verbal commitment)

Dorij’an Jackson has played football since third grade. When he was younger, he always thought he’d play basketball in college, but is excited to play football. He knew GVSU was the best place for him. “It felt like home,” Jackson said. He thinks that the biggest difference from high school athletics to college will be the amount of time that he puts into the sport.