ELHS Basketball Narrowly Win at Conferences

ELHS Basketball Narrowly Win at Conferences
Draining a three, Cameron Hutson (10) pushes the EL lead against Okemos at conferences on 2/27 (Photo by Mitch)

Last monday East Lansing (10-9) tooks on the Okemos wolves (16-3), for their second conference game. The capital area basketball network instagram put East Lansing at a 37% chance to win, following their loss to Okemos earlier in the season. 

Play-by-play: The first half was close but East Lansing held a 11 point lead. After halftime the Trojans continued to shut down the wolves and held their 11 point lead till the end of the 3rd quarter. With 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter the Trojans lead was slowly falling, and with 3.2 seconds left in the game Okemos drilled a 3 to tie it up. However, overtime sparks up East Lansing as the team took the early lead with a huge 3 pointer from Charlie Baker (11).With 14 seconds left Okemos gets sent to the free throw line drilling both shots and holding the lead. Coach Ray Mitchell Called a timeout and set up the play for sophomore (10)  where he drilled the game winning layup. Cameron Hutson lead the team in scoring, earning 25 point in total.


The teams next game is against Sexton (11-9) this Thursday.

Below is Cameron Hutson’s free throw shots which give trojans the lead in overtime.