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Forming a new routine

Students share about their experiences in this year’s summer band camp.
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Madeleine Plowright (10) stands high conducting the marching band’s practice.

Every summer at ELHS, student musicians are required to attend band camp in order to prepare for the new season. Spending more than 12 hours a day practicing marching band material from 7am to 9pm, the camp can be very challenging out in the heat. Especially with very few water breaks. 

There are two different weeks of band camp. The first week is all music based. Students spend four-five hours every day in the auditorium memorizing the music for both the pregame show, and halftime show. The second week is all physical. Learning how to march, marching while playing, and formations. 

Each day began with warmups and a visual rehearsal outside, which led into rehearsals in the auditorium. Post rehearsals came lunch, and then back outside for more visuals and sectionals. Ending off the night with dinner, and a final rehearsal from 6:30 to 9. 

One of the drum majors this year, Madeleine Plowright (10), explained she had to be there earlier than most people, and leave later as well. Plowright would arrive everyday at around 7:45, and start her morning with visuals and music rehearsal, an afternoon block of visual stuff, sectional time, and then stop for a dinner break where she would usually go home and rest. 

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In the evening there was a combination of music and visuals on the field before ending at nine. The drum majors would then clean up the field, and head out for the night. This routine continued for almost two weeks until camp ended on Aug 8.

This year the marching band’s hard work has noticeably been paying off. 

“I really enjoyed this year’s band camp because I’m an upperclassmen and a squad leader and I feel a lot more comfortable,” Virginia Phillip (10) explained. I also really like this year’s halftime show.”  

Despite things looking bright, band camp still had its ups and downs. 

“Personally, I thought that the overall closeness of the band differed a lot from last year,” Plowright said. “We seemed a little more distant at band camp, and there weren’t as many authentic bonding experiences like I remembered we had last year.” 

Though difficult, band camp can be very enjoyable and beneficial for ELMB. 

“I think that this year is going to go really well because we are much further ahead than we were in previous years in terms of learning the show,” Phillip said. “I’m really excited about it and I think it’s going to go great.” 

Plowright also shared the same bright hope for ELMB’s year.

 “I think it’s a little early to tell, but I would say that we are better than last year. I’ve noticed that the overall work ethic is stronger this season, and I’m excited to see us improve even more. This season is full of potential, and I’m confident when I say that I think we’re going to do great. With the way we’re going, we’re on track to have an amazing season.” 

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