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Bowling team kicks off season after team growth

Photo by Jack Hoffman
During a scrimmage at Sparetime in East Lansing on Nov. 28, Joseph Monterosso (11) rolls the ball down the lane hoping for a strike. The team officially started competition on Dec. 13.

This year, the bowling team is full of new bowlers and some returning bowlers as well. If it were up to Jalen McFadden (12) the team should end the season by making it to States. Their first meet of the season is against Holt on Dec. 13, and their next one is Dec. 19 against Fowlerville. We asked three new bowlers and one returner about their outlook on the season ahead and the team dynamic.

This year, Will Taylor (11) decided to join the team because his friends are playing and said it would be fun. Plus, he also needed an activity to join in the winter before baseball season. 

“I’m very excited, but I am also a little nervous about the season,” Taylor said. One thing he likes about bowling is that at practices and meets you can do more socializing with friends. 

“I am the most excited for all of the meets throughout the season and to make many memories with the team,” Taylor said.

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Khloe Smith (12) is participating in her first year of bowling this season and hopes to see nothing but growth from her team this year. 

“We seem to have a good core group of people,” Smith said.  

The only reason she joined is because her best friend who graduated last year played on the varsity team and is supposed to be the assistant coach. Plus, she has two other friends on the team.  Even though this is her first year, Smith made the varsity team.  

“I like that it is a solid mixture of players and it is not just all boys or all girls,” Smith said.

In his first year on the team, Lincoln Summerhill (10) is excited for the bowling season  because he wants to win some matches.  

“I joined the team because one of my best friends Isaac Simpkins (10) plays and I thought it would be a fun winter sport,” Summerhill said.  

Summerhill likes the bowling team because all the people are nice and encouraging and it is a really positive environment. He is really excited to play this season with the team and plans on playing next year.

Starting his second year in bowling, Joseph Monterosso (11) is excited to compete. Even though this is his second season, he played some of his first season on varsity and is on the varsity team this year. Last year he started on the JV team and midway throughout the season he got pulled up to varsity because of his high scores and the varsity coach saw how much work he was putting in. 

He decided to originally join the bowling team because he thought it would be fun and wanted to join a winter sport for an after school activity.  

“I enjoy the atmosphere and the people because they are all supportive and friendly. It’s a great group of people who really make the bowling team fun,” Monterosso said.

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