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“Girl With No Face” by Allie X

This is a new column we are planning to include in each paper from here on out. I’ve noticed we mostly include album reviews at the end of the year when we rank the albums of the year, and I’d like to change that. For all of the invested music review readers, I hope you’re excited, and here is the album I’d like to highlight from February: “Girl With No Face” by Allie X.

Immersing oneself in Alexandra Hughes, more widely known as Allie X, “Girl With No Face” feels as if you’re embarking on an ‘80s-fueled journey through a tunnel system of synth-driven soundscapes. From the pulsating rhythms to the haunting melodies, this album is proof that the genre of true synth has a hopeful future.

As someone who would consider themself a synthpop and pop enthusiast, I found myself drawn to the album’s intoxicating blend of nostalgia and innovation.

While “Girl With No Face” succeeds in its exploration of important themes such as mental health, isolation and sexism, I couldn’t help but feel a longing for more variety and daring creativity. Moments like “Hardware Software” stand out as exceptions rather than the rule, leaving me yearning for more instances of bold experimentation that I know Hughes is capable of.

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Nevertheless, Hughes’s singularity shines through on several tracks, adding to the album’s overall narrative. Her lyrical prowess is prominent as she delves into the complexities of human experience. 

“Girl with No Face” is one of the best portrayals of synthpop I’ve seen in a while, and I hope Hughes is able to captivate and inspire more artists to take this angle when attempting this genre. This album is a journey through sonic landscapes that are both familiar and exhilarating, leaving a lasting impression on myself, and all who embark upon it.

Track Ranking:

  1. Off With Her T***
  2. Black Eye
  3. Weird World
  4. Galina
  5. Girl With No Face
  6. You Slept On Me
  7. Truly Dreams
  8. Saddest Smile
  9. Staying Power
  10. John and Johnathon
  11. Hardware Software

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Tyler Keefe
Tyler Keefe, Editor-in-Chief of Copy
Tyler Keefe is a member of the Class of 2025 and is the Editor-in-Chief of Copy. He has been on staff since his freshman year during the 2021-2022 school year. Tyler’s favorite thing about journalism is being able to tell others' stories. He feels empowered to know people trust him enough to tell their story. When he is not in the newsroom, Tyler loves to go thrifting. He loves that each time he goes, he finds something that he usually can’t find anywhere else. Whether that be an article of clothing, or decoration for his room. Another thing Tyler does when he’s not in the newsroom is hangout with friends. Being with his friends always boosts his mood and makes him feel happy.

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