New Staff Feature: Preiwisch


Courtesy Photo of Abigail Preiwisch. Preiwisch has played the cello since 5th grade. She also plays guitar.

Story by Ixchel Ceballos


Growing up, Abigail Preiwisch knew two things.

 One, she wanted to be a teacher. Two, she hated math. She hated it for the entirety of her K-12 career, color coding math as green- her least favorite color.

“But I’ve realized just how math is in everything,” Preiwisch said. “Absolutely everything and how, how beautiful it is… I think that’s something that unfortunately, sometimes we miss in the classroom is how much fun mathematics can be because I thought it was just ‘I’d have to repeat this formula over and over again.’ I was really missing the beauty that I see in it now.”

Preiwisch also loves math for its creativity and sharpening her critical thinking skills. She is teaching Geometry and Algebra 2 for her first year of teaching. 

Raised in the Chicago area with a mother who lives near Detroit, Preiwisch also attended a REU program at MSU for eight weeks. In her free time, Preiwisch enjoys fencing, theater and reading. As a devout Catholic, she also arranges her schedule to make time for prayer.

She recently graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, with a degree in education with a concentration in mathematics. As a student, teachers were the bulk of Preiwisch’s role models and building relationships is something she has focused on despite online learning.

“I love, I love helping students,” Preiwisch emphasizes. “I love those personal relationships. I know how important a teacher can be in a student’s life… And one of my favorite moments is like leading a student to that point where they’re like, ‘Oh! I get it now!’… And so if I can even be like a little part of that process, that is very rewarding for me.”