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“Deeper Well” by Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’ latest offering, “Deeper Well,” is the March release I’d like to highlight, but it’s also unfortunately one that falls short of my expectations. As someone who admired Musgraves’ previous work, particularly the Grammy-winning album of the year, “Golden Hour,” diving into this album felt like a natural progression. However, what unfolded was a listening experience that left me underwhelmed and yearning for more.

The album’s stripped-down acoustic approach, reminiscent of Musgraves’ earlier work, initially seemed promising. Tracks like “Deeper Well” and “Too Good To Be True” set the stage with gentle melodies and intimate lyricism, offering glimpses of her introspective songwriting. Musgraves explores themes of love, self-reflection, and personal growth, weaving her narratives with a delicate touch. Yet, despite the sincerity of her storytelling, there’s a sense of familiarity that pervades much of the album, with few moments that truly stand out. 

One of the album’s main pitfalls is the lack of variety. While the acoustic instrumentation provides a warm and inviting backdrop, it often feels repetitive, blurring the lines between tracks. Each song follows a similar formula, making it challenging to distinguish one from the other. As the album progresses, the similarities across the tracks become increasingly apparent, resulting in a listening experience that feels monotonous and uninspired. Making the album feel like it’s getting progressively worse. 

Additionally, the album’s short song runtimes contribute to its lack of impact. Many tracks end abruptly, leaving little room for development or exploration. While this concise approach may work for some albums, here it feels restrictive, preventing the songs from fully reaching and realizing their potential.

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While Musgraves’ vocals are pleasant and fitting for the album’s style, they lack the charisma needed to elevate the material. There’s a sense of detachment in her delivery, making it difficult to fully connect with the emotions conveyed in the lyrics. While her songwriting remains solid, with moments of lyrical depth and nuance, there are instances where it veers into cliché territory, detracting from the overall impact of the album.

Despite its flaws, “Deeper Well” still offers moments of beauty and introspection. Tracks like “Lonely Millionaire” and “Heaven Is” showcase Musgraves’ ability to craft compelling narratives and memorable melodies. However, these highlights are overshadowed by the album’s overall lack of innovation and emotional resonance. 

“Deeper Well” may not be Kacey Musgraves’ strongest album to date, but it still warrants attention as a notable release in March. Fans of her previous work may find elements to enjoy here, but for those seeking a more engaging and varied listening experience, may leave much to be desired.

Track Ranking:

  1. Deeper Well
  2. Cardinal 
  3. Giver/Taker 
  4. Jade Green 
  5. Too Good to be True
  6. Lonely Millionaire
  7. Dinner with friends
  8. Moving Out
  9. Sway
  10. Nothing to be Scared Of
  11. Heart of the Woods
  12. The Architect 
  13. Heaven is 
  14. Anime Eyes

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Tyler Keefe, Editor-in-Chief of Copy
Tyler Keefe is a member of the Class of 2025 and is the Editor-in-Chief of Copy. He has been on staff since his freshman year during the 2021-2022 school year. Tyler’s favorite thing about journalism is being able to tell others' stories. He feels empowered to know people trust him enough to tell their story. When he is not in the newsroom, Tyler loves to go thrifting. He loves that each time he goes, he finds something that he usually can’t find anywhere else. Whether that be an article of clothing, or decoration for his room. Another thing Tyler does when he’s not in the newsroom is hangout with friends. Being with his friends always boosts his mood and makes him feel happy.

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