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Spring into good memories

Students share annual spring break traditions
Sunset on Grand Haven City Beach. Courtesy photo

In a small town on the coast of Lake Michigan, seagulls squawk greedily, hogging the beach protectively and fighting for food they believe is theirs. Here, the beach is their home and cafeteria.

And just off the beach, Alexies Pena’s (10) dad is in line at the best hot dog place ever.

“There’s a spot up there. It’s one of the best in Michigan. A lot of people go there and have really good hotdogs,” Pena said.

He waits in line for what seems like forever to a hungry 14-year-old Pena. But in reality, it might be 20 minutes. Soon enough he returns with hot dogs in hand. The smell encompasses Pena’s nose, making her tastebuds water. Here, she’s ready to eat the hotdog she has eaten so many times before. 

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All of a sudden, he sees a shadow in the corner of his eye. He braces himself, but with hands full of food, he has no way to protect himself from the greedy seagulls that rule the beach.

Almost like a scene out of a comedy movie, they sweep in and steal the freshly baked and bunned hotdogs.

Just like that, all of his and his family’s lunch was gone in a flash.

Pena still remembers this memory to this day, laughing out loud when telling it. To her, spring break isn’t defined by the weather or greedy seagulls, but the laughs and memories that she and her family are able to create in the four days they spend there during their mostly-consistent spring break plans.

Some students, like Pena, will stay in the mitten for spring break, while others visit a location for the people rather than the location. Bem Woldu (10) will travel to Ethiopia for her vacation. Woldu makes the 15-17 hour trip to Ethiopia most spring breaks experiencing the sleepless preflight excitement every time.

When she arrives in Ethiopia she is greeted by her mother’s sisters and other extended family who are all ecstatic about this visit. During the visit, the world’s family celebrates Ethiopian Easter which takes place on March 5. This holiday is among one of the most celebrated in Ethiopia, so there is guaranteed to be a big celebration to look forward to.

The weather is often warm and sunny, allowing for hours of outside play. Some of her and her family’s favorite games to play include hiding eggs and having a different group of people running and racing to find them. Friends and family surround Woldu during her trip, making it so memorable. 

“I just really enjoy spending time with the family,” Woldu said.

Some may not travel at all for spring break, but you can still take inspiration from Pena and Woldu. Find a special restaurant in town, or visit some relatives. Make a memorable vacation without the hassle of traveling. Anything can be special with the right people. 

But if you do travel, remember to take in every moment. As we are coming to the end of our school careers, the tradition you have become so accustomed to may be coming to an end. Soak in every moment.

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