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Brielle Williams, Staff Writer

Brielle Williams is a member of the Class of 2023 and one of the staff writers for Portrait. This is her first year on staff as a sophomore. Brielle’s favorite thing about journalism is the creative freedom the class includes. When she is not in the newsroom, Brielle loves to be active! Along with being active, she loves to spend time with her friends.

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A poll was given and most students agreed that the SAT is not a fair standard when applying to colleges. 92% of students agrreed while 8% of the students disagreed.

The Academic Bias of the SAT

Story by Brielle Williams, Staff Writer
April 22, 2021
Online school schedule struggles

Online school schedule struggles

Story by Brielle Williams, Staff Writer
February 11, 2021
Blue and white menorah with all candles lit in the center of a table

COVID Challenges Hanukkah Traditions

Story by Brielle Williams, Writer
December 10, 2020
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